It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any sort of update, mostly because I’ve been focusing my writing time on progressing the story of This Foreign Universe. But so much has happened in the last month with my new sci-fi series, and it’s high time I wrote about it. I’ll keep it short, though. If you have any questions you’re welcome to reach out! Here’s everything that’s happened:

I signed a publishing deal with the phenomenal Evolved Publishing. I am still beyond excited about this, as they are one of the best independent/small publishers in the business. 

The first book in my science fiction series, Foreign Land, was released just over a month ago. The positive responses have been overwhelming and humbling. I received wonderful reviews from Reader’s Favorite, and the reviews on Amazon have been just as enthusiastic. 

If you’ve been following my writing for a while, you’ll know that This Foreign Universe was originally planned to be a trilogy. But in the back of my mind I’ve been mulling around an idea to expand to three interconnected trilogies for a total of nine books. I brought the idea to Evolved and they love it. So now it’s official, I WILL be writing a nine book science fiction series. This is daunting. And extremely exciting. 

Last update: book two, Foreign Planet, is set to release in December! Here’s the cover, created by the phenomenal Sam Keiser.